Portable Mini Softbox Lighting Kit Table Top Led Lamp Camera Photo Lighting with diffuser

Tabletop lighting softbox Soften and reflect light while eliminating glare and hot spots. Creates even lighting and produces natural appealing pictures. Fit most of tabletop studio photo shooting tent light cube diffusion softbox. Small lighting kit good for food photography, small product photography such as a toy, baking, jewelry, etc still photos.
  • 1. Portable Softbox Studio Lighting
    -1x Lamp(2.56 Inch diameter), 1x diffuser(5 X 4 Inch), 10.6 inch/27cm height.
    -Mini size and easy to folds down flat for storage and portability
  • 2. Cold/Warm light option
    -12LEDs, 6W Led Light Lamp provide 60w Lightness, 5500K Cold light/2700K Warm light, which is suitable for product-food, jewelry, gadget photography. Energy and Money Saving.
  • ​​3. Good heat Dissipation
    -There are heat dissipation holes around the design, heat dissipation without pressure, effectively guarantees and extend life.
  • 4. Adjustable shooting
    -135°adjustable lamp head and ergonomic lamp grip allow you to position at different angles as desired.
  • 5. Throw out and collect the feet stand.
    -Adjust the angle of the bottom knob left and right, and align the feet stand with the hole.
    -After hole adjustment, bottom down. Then throw the feet stand down with force.
    -If the feet standstill won't come out, continue to adjust the bottom knob angle. Until the feet stand throw out
    -Collect in the same way, must be aligned with the corresponding hole, the feet stand can receive back.

  • Note:
    -Please do not touch the bulb immediately after the power is turned off.
LPTA-06  | Portable Mini Softbox Lighting Kit with diffuser
LED beads: 12 LEDs
Power: 6W
Equivalent power: 60W
Color temperature:5500K Cold light/2700K Warm light

Material: Metal + ABS 
Height:10.6 inch/27cm
Diffuser dimension: 13*10*10cm
Cable length: 67 inch/170cm
Beam angle: 135 Degree
Net Weight: 0.7lbs/318g
Content Include
x1 Photo table top light
x1 Diffuser
x1 Packaged box