Photography Remote Control LED Light Bulb Lamp

Three color temperatures can be adjusted freely, dimming and remote control, easy to use, can make your food more attractive and outstanding, increase appetite and desire to buy. The light is sufficient to restore the original skin color of the character, making the outline more clear.
  • 1. LED Lamp Beads
    -The LED beads in the photo bulb to light up your beauty, high brightness chip, low light attenuation, long service life, high color rendering index.
  • 2.High efficiency energy saving
    The lifespan of this photography bulb is longer than 8000 hours, energy-saving up to 80%, making the light brighter. Thickened aluminum alloy dissipates heat faster, prolonging the lifespan of the light bulb.
  • 3.Adjustable Color Temperature
    -The color temperature can be adjusted between 3200K and 5500K. The brightness range goes from 1%~100%. With 90+ CRI, the colors are more vivid, showing the details of the photos.
  • 4.E27 Standard Base
    -E27 standard screw base can be used everywhere, suitable for soft lightbox, photography umbrella and most of the photographic lighting socket, easy to replace.
  • 5.Imported PC light cover
    -With the PC light cover, the light bulb will be softer. It is Anti-mosquito and anti-dust, the joints between the lamp body and the lamp shell are meticulous so that no mosquitoes and other flying insects will enter, and the lampshade is still transparent after a long time.
  • 6.Convenient Remote Control
    -With this light bulb, you will be more professional than other photographers. The remote control can be used within the range of 10 meters. Turning on and off the light, controlling the brightness/color temperature of the light.

    -Please do not touch the bulb immediately after the power is turned off.
LBIA | Photography Remote Control LED Light Bulb Lamp
LBIC-65, 65W Mini, Line control, 30W,  9φ*11.5Hcm;30pcs,3200K/5500K, Cold/Warm; No
LBIB-65, 65W, Line control,  36W, 12φ*12.5Hcm;36pcs,3200K/5500K, Cold/Warm; No
LBIB-85, 85W, Line control, 50W, 12φ*12.5Hcm; 50pcs, 3200K/5500K, Cold/Warm; No
LBIB-105, 105W, Line control, 50W,12φ*12.5Hcm;50pcs, 3200K/5500K, Cold/Warm; No
LBIB-150, 150W, Line control, 60W, 12φ*13.5Hcm;100pcs, 3200K/5500K, Cold/Warm; No
Dimension: 12φ*13.5Hcm
Input Voltage: AC 165-265V 
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
CRI: 90+
Color Tempetature: 3200K-4000K-5500K
Color mode: Cold, Soft, Warm
Brightness adjustment: Yes.7 level brightness adjustment.