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How to choose tripods for cameras?

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Update time : 2022-03-16 23:11:14
Tripod is a must-have item for every photographer without questioning.

Everyone will need a tripod when they are working and shooting for great photos.

It is always necessary to having something secure to safely stabilize a camera for good shots.


 Choosing a tripod

It is worth to spend some time and cost to invest on a good tripod system.
The first thing we need to look at is weight when choosing a tripod.

There are several materials you may choose from. Keep in mind that it is ideal to pick a solid and durable one but not too heavy to carry around.
Usually carbon-fiber tripods are lightest and incredibly durable but expensive.

Another ideal material is aluminum, which is relatively lightweight but durable and solid to last a long time, and the aluminum tripods are affordable and cost effective.
Stainless steel tripods are too heavy for regular use unless you are work with video equipment.
Hence, I recommend that keep the tripod legs without the head under 5 pounds.


Tripod Legs

The most common two forms for tripod legs – tubular and non-tubular. Most carbon-fiber tripods have tubular legs and a threaded twist-lock system to secure the legs while aluminum and steel tripods legs might have different shapes with a flip-lock.
For most tripods, there might be between 3 and 5 sections on legs. The tripod will be higher with more sections. The downside is less stability.
Some tripods come with a center post in the middle of the tripod, which enables users to adjust the height of the camera by simply moving the center post upward or downward, which is convenient to use.

Tripod Head

Next, tripod heads are the most essential to tripod system because the head secures and hold the camera equipment and controlling its movement.
When choosing a tripod head, always make sure that it can support at least the same amount of weight your tripod legs can.
There are 3 common types of tripod heads available on the market:
Pan-Tilt Head: it either comes with a single handle for horizontal movement or dual handles for both horizontal and vertical movement. Many tripods come with pan head with 360-degree rotation and freely adjustable angles on the market.
Ball-Head: ball-heads only have one control that loosens or tightens the grip. Their upside is that allowing flexible and smooth operation while keeping the camera/lens securely tightened.

Gimbal heads perfectly balance the camera and heavy lens and are best suited for fast-action photography. They are very easy to use in any direction and do not require tightening the head every time the camera/lens moves.
 Fotoworx Panoramic Gimbal Camera Tripod Head with 360 Degree Swivel Panoramic Indexing Rotator is made of aluminum alloy material and produced with CNC precision machining and surface anode anti-oxidation treatment.
Panoramic bracket consists of three parts- two quick-release plates with graduated disc and a fixed plate; and it comes with a quick release system that is adjustable for 360° vertically by loosening the upper pivot bearing lock knob,.Also, its bottom base can rotate 360° horizontally. These features allow users to adjust the camera position conveniently.


Some tips for photographing

Here are some tips to avoid camera shake, once your tripod and camera are fully set up and ready to take photos.

Turn Off Image Stabilization: You should always keep it turned off unless your lens has a specific image stabilization mode to be used on tripods. When your gear is on a stable setup, you do not want image stabilization compensates for movement that is not there.
Use Cable Release: it is a good idea to use a remote / cable release to avoid direct contect with the camera.
Self-Timer: Adding a two+ second delay with self-timer is usually a good idea, especially if you do not have a remote / cable release.

Mirror Up: If you have a DSLR, its mirror causes a lot of vibration when it moves up before each exposure. Using Mirror Up will raise the mirror first, then you can wait a little before taking the shot. Mirror Up requires a remote / cable release.
Exposure Delay: exposure delay mode can help effectively eliminate camera shake.
Turn on Electronic Front Curtain Shutter: many new DSLRs (like Nikon D810) and mirrorless cameras have the Electronic Front Curtain Shutter feature which eliminates camera shake.

The fotoworx Portable Light weight Camera Monopod Tripod is an ideal all-purpose aluminum tripod with enough support camera systems. It  is a perfect match for photographers who like to travel. One of its key features is its portability: it collapses into a mere 10.6''/27cm, which is remarkably convenient for a tripod of its size.
178cm Portable Light weight Camera Monopod Tripod

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Matt Black
Dimension: 70''/178cm
Monopod Max Height : 51.6''/131cm
Monopod Min Height: 16.5''/42cm
Tripod Fold Height: 10.6''/27cm
Tripod Axial lifting
Tripod Tube diameter: 20mm
Monopod Tube diameter: 23mm
Tube section
Foot section: 2
Weight: 2.2lbs/1kg
Monopod Load capacity: 11lbs/5kg
Tripod Load capacity: 22lbs/10kg

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