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Backdrop Stands That Make Your Photos Perfect

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Update time : 2022-03-28 18:03:17
A backdrop stand is the backbone of all studios as it primarily provides support system for changing backdrops or use of greenscreen for photographers.
For all photographers who looks for productivity in their work, we recommend choosing a budget-friendly and durable backdrop stand for your very first step. You will certainly appreciate its utility, keeping your shooting smooth and easy.
With a backdrop stand, photographers can hang backdrop from a stand instead of tapping it on wall, allowing shooters to switch the color of background at will by simply replacing backdrops. Most backdrop stand are designed to easily assemble and portable It is a time efficient and secured way for both full time professions and non-studio shooters to handle backdrops. Our team of Fotoworx are here to offer some useful suggestions for all our photographers and customers. 

Think about the purpose of the stand and then make a decision.

If you are planning to use backdrop stands in a studio with assistants, most backdrop stands with Auto-pole system are great option for you since they are conveniently adjustable to the height and width. If you usually work alone, you would also consider to buy C stands which is easier to set up and move it around 
For photographers who travel a lot to shoot wedding and events, portability of the stand is the key. In this case you would appreciate a collapsible backdrop stand to serve your need. It is easy to set up quickly and pack up quickly to save you time and effort before heading to a next event.
Also, you need to be aware of what material your backdrop stands are made of. Stainless steel alloy and aluminum alloy are commonly used to build stands. They are both pretty strong and durable but stainless steel is a bit heavier. If portability is more important for your work, aluminum backdrop stands would be a better option because they are relatively lightweight but durable enough to last a long-term use.


Here are some important tips to consider before you buy a backdrop stand

Price range is another factor for buyers to think about before committing to a purchase. On the market, there are numerous backdrops stands available at different price range. If you are going to use it frequently for studio shooting, especially shooting with seamless paper, it would be suitable to spend your budget on a heavier and durable full-sized backdrop stand which can be a bit pricey. However, it is less ideal for photographers who want to shoot on location.
Spend you budget on collapsible backdrop stands if you are shooting in the field. Again, portability comes first. However, you must consider the weight of the cloth background or heavy rolls of seamless paper because you are going to hang them on your stands for sure.
Thus, please do not just go for the lightweight options immediately even though they are generally cheaper. It is important to choose a backdrop stand that is still heavy and strong enough to take the weight of your cloth backgrounds otherwise your stand is likely to break down then make a mess. In other words, don’t blindly choose something too light.
For hanging a thin cloth backdrop or a vinyl step and repeat backdrop, most lightweight backdrop stands will do the job and they are cost-effective option. So, the key is to really think about what types of background cloth you are using and what kind of environment you are working with before deciding on your selections. Once you are fully aware of you needs, then you can make a wise choice for your purchase.

Here are some tips for you
Don’t forget to prepare some gaff tapes and clamps ahead of time. when using seamless paper, photographer can use some gaff tapes to secure seamless paper to the ground, and clamps will stabilize the paper (or background cloth) on the stand. You can check out our favorable backdrops in Fotoworx to for yourself or clients. Notice that an outdoor backdrop is easy to take off with a gust of wind. So, it would be a good idea to prepare sandbags to secure you backdrops on the flood.
Our Fotoworx backdrop stand kit come with a handy carrying bag so that you can easily transport them from event to event without worrying about wrinkles or anything else damaging it.


Fotoworx 2.6x3m Photography Background Support Stand System

Fotoworx backdrop stand set comes with a carrying bag and backdrop clips. The stand is made of aluminum alloy and is adjustable for a range of heigh and width to fit shooting requirements. The cross bar is made of 4 sections which makes it easy to adjust the width of the stand.
The Duty-heavy background frame support. It is easy to set up, disassemble and pack up quickly. Comes with instructions that are easy to follow and you can put up with one person. This Kit allows for a variety of height and width settings. You can adjust the height you like. This kit is professional lightweight support (work for light weight backdrops), aluminum alloy construction for durability, portability. The base is fully deployed, which makes the item to be more stable when you extend the top extension.
  • 1. The adjustable background frame can meet the needs of photographers as much as possible for the background size, suitable for all kinds of shooting.
  • 2. The background frame is made of high quality, light and comes with a carry bag for photographers to carry.
  • 3. This photography background support system can be hung with canvas, muslin, cotton, and paper. Used for a family gathering, wedding, as well as for professional photography or party.
2x2m Photography Background Support Stand System

An overview of the Fotoworx Backdrop Stand Set:
The Fotoworx backdrop stand set comes with a carrying bag and backdrop clips. This stand is made of durable aluminum alloy and can be adjusted for a range of heigh and width to fit shooting requirements. The cross bar is made of 4 sections which makes it easy to adjust the width of the stand. This kit allows for various height and width settings so you can adjust the height that works best for you. The stand is made in aluminum alloy construction for durability, portability, and stability.
When you use this Fotoworx backdrop stand set, you will have no trouble getting your perfect shot.  If you're looking for something that won't break during your work, then this kit has everything you need. It's durable, lightweight, and so compact - just what you need in the field!

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