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5 Awesome Camera Sliders to make your video, films smoother and more perfect.

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Author : Fotoworx
Update time : 2022-03-31 18:01:39
If you are making videos, you will probably be using a camera tripod. If you're an aspiring video pro or intermediate filmmaker, a good camera slider or dolly will give you more freedom and control when capturing your movie. Camera sliders are typically used as part of a smooth camera movement to create a flowing movement that transports the audience into the scene and immerses them within the moment depicted.
Are you ready to elevate your video production? The Fotoworx Slider is the perfect solution to add dynamic movements and control to your video. The sliders will help you create silky smooth tracking shots, to bring dynamism and impact to your videos.
16''/40cm Carbon Fiber Dolly Rail Phone Camera Slider with 4 Bearings

The slider is made from a combination of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber materials for maximum durability and portability. Compatible with all digital cameras, smartphones, GoPro action cameras & DSLRs on the market.
Compact and versatile, this Carbon Fiber Camera Slider is made with 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch mounting screws to fit a variety of cameras, and it can even mount on a tripod for extra stability. Make smooth, precise movements from point A to B or lock it in place for steady shots by simply twisting the end locks into your desired position. The durable nylon carrying bag makes transporting the camera slider simple and easy, making it the perfect on-the-go companion.

0.6m Carbon Camera Slider
Add beautiful cinematic movement to your video productions with this lightweight and portable camera slider from Fotoworx. With multiple 1/4" threaded holes, and the ability to set up on a tripod or the ground, this slider is incredibly versatile, perfect for indoor and outdoor shoots, and can be used in many different positions: horizontal, vertical, or even at a 45° angle.
It helps create more professional shooting. The ball bearings allow for smooth sliding and can be locked when not in use, making this an ideal tool for many types of shooting. A DSLR camera can be mounted directly on the slider.
Perfect for filmmakers and enthusiasts alike, this slider is both lightweight and strong, ideal for production or other commercial use.
31.5"/80cm Carbon Fiber Focus DSLR Camera Dolly Track Slider Video Stabilizer Rail

The Carbon Fiber Focus DSLR Camera Dolly Track Slider Video Stabilizer Rail is a high-quality, rigid, and precision rail system that allows you to attach a video head to the top of it, and then slide smoothly, with locking knobs to prevent sliding when desired. It can be used on any surface with removable and adjustable legs and non-skid rubber feet. The slider supports multiple shooting requirements such as placing it on the ground to get straight horizontal shots, positioning it vertically horizontally, or slantingly on a tripod.

23.6"/60cm Aluminum Alloy Simplified Camera Track Slider
The Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider was designed for camera enthusiasts and professionals. It can integrate a T-shape tripod hole which allows you to remove your camera from the slider for even more possibilities.
The Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider is a device that moves any camera within different angles. Its main job is to move the camera, which gives more control over the angle and depth of the photo and makes your photo much more interesting. Professional photographers usually have a camera track slider to produce more visually stunning photos with ease.

Adjustable and Secured Legs: The height of the legs could be adjusted from 8.5 cm to 10cm; Gear-shaped joint interface and locking knobs for better position locking for the legs
FOTOWORX Alloy Aluminum Camera Mini Slider

FOTOWORX Alloy Aluminum Camera Mini Slider Selects the high-quality aluminum alloy material, light quality, CNC precision machining, and anodic oxidation treatment. The sliding distance can reach 28 cm with the tripod, which can meet most shooting needs.

Recommended accessories
FOTOWORX Camera Slider Spider Shape Support
The FOTOWORX Camera Slider Spider Shape Support Frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, light quality, CNC precision machining, appearance beautiful, at the same time surface anodic oxidation treatment, corrosion resistance, wear resistance. Rugged split design, easy to carry.
The Camera Slider Spider Shape Support is really useful when it comes to mounting your camera slider. This will help in increasing the stability of the entire setup. The material that has been used to manufacture this spider-shaped support is sturdy. Mounting this support is quite simple and can be done with ease.
If your customers looking to achieve unique professional results in your video and photography, then you should consider a camera slider from Fotoworx.
To meet all customers' different demands, Fotoworx has developed various ways to process: OEM, ODM, and OBM. While offering full service from product design and research, sample production, tooling up, mass production, quality control, packaging & shipping out abroad via FedEx, UPS, TNT, etc through TPC(Total Product Control) mode to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
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