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Update time : 2021-11-03 11:48:44
FOTOWORX - Just For Perfect Shots.

*Provide the High-quality Tripod & Support, Studio Lighting Kit, and Camera Accessories.

*We support professional OEM/ODM 
manufacture of Photographic accessories, with its trade mark brand of FOTOWORX.

Our main products focuses on photographic equipment & accessories.
*High-quality Tripod & Support, such as camera tripod, video tripod, mini tripod, flexible, selfie stick, monopod, camera slider, stabilizer, gimbal head, panoramic ball head, quick release clamp & plate, multi-function phone clamp, etc.
*Studio lighting kits, such as LED ring light, LED fill light, light modifier, softbox, reflector, diffuser, lamp shape, light stand, background support, etc.
*Camera accessories
, such as camera cage, camera lens & filters, lens cap & cover, rain cover gear, camera cases & bags, cleaning kits, etc.

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