31.5"/80cm flywheel Dolly Rail Stabilizer Slider

A video tripod with great fluid head borders on essential for filmmakers and aspiring video pros, but if you want to achieve true videography mastery you'll need a great camera slider or dolly. The sliders will help you create silky smooth tracking shots, to bring dynamism and impact to your videos. These long rails enable smooth maneuvering, so you can incorporate camera movements into your video with finesse.
  • The track is made of high-strength carbon fiber rails, lightweight and not easily deformed.
  • The embedded bubble level to make sure your slider is completely balanced.
  • The slider features a multiple 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch mounts on the plate, so you can attach a tripod head, QR plates and also attach it directly to your tripod.
  • Made of high-strength carbon fiber the rails and stainless steel flywheel, the slider is sturdy, lightweight and not easily deformed to achieve the perfect slide with precise control over movement. 
  • The flywheel counterweight and belt-driven pulley system provides more consistent and smoother slides compared to a standard slider. 
  • With the increased surface area of the rollers, the weight is distributed evenly, noise and wearing against the track is greatly reduced from the sliding motion.
  • When shooting on uneven surfaces, you can adjust the height and angle on each leg individually for the smoothest shot possible.
  • Comes with a quality storage bag for convenient carry and transport.

SLDF-80 | 31.5"/80cm flywheel Slider
Material: Carbon Fiber Rails/Stainless Steel Flywheel
Color: Black & Red
Rail Length: 31.5"/80 cm
Rail Width: 17cm
Slider Plate Size: 12x14cm
Maximum Leg Height: 10cm
Minimum Leg Height:  8.5cm
Diameter of Flywheel: 11.5cm
Weight: 2.8kg
Load Capacity: 5-8kg
Package Contents
1 x 80cm Flywheel Carbon Fiber Slider
1 x Carrying Bag