COB Studio Light 100W to 400W Flash Light

ITEM: LFLG-100-400II
FOTOWORX Studio Flash Lights with outstanding functions Strobe Lighting with Bowens Mount Flashes for Photography, Shooting, Wedding, Portrait, Fashion, Advertising, etc.
  • Strong and sturdy, Light and handy, great features, highlight outdoor shooting quality.
  • Compact structure and ingenious space usage, 100W to 400Ws power studio flash into oval volume;
  • Housing material is inflaming retarding, durable and light-weight;
  • Minute extension contains strong explosive power. High GN number, stable color temperature;
  • Adopt high standard microcomputer chip intelligent digital control technology, step-less power-control range of five f-stops from full to 1/32(6 stop points);
  • Precision light-output adjustments to an accuracy of 1/10 f-stop, output accuracy is 1%;
  • Equip with 5W COB LED modeling lamp, red-eye reduction function, beep reminder, excellent circuit configuration and heat dispersion, as well as over heat protection;
  • The touch-button is concise and easy, all function are clear at a glance; 
  • LED digital display, easy to read output power of flash and modelling lamp;
  • The mount suitable for all accessories, make customers easy to replace at any time, no need to purchase separately;
  • Delay flash/red-eye reduction function, 7 per flashes at maximum, can match with different camera flash and speedlite.
LFLG II | COB LED Studio Light Flash Light
Items Output Power LED Modeling Lamp Guide Number Color Temperature Output Control Range Flash Duration Recycling Time
LFLG-100II 100W 5W 30 5600k±200k Full-1/32s 1/800s-1/1200s 0.3-1.2s
LFLG-150II 150W 5W 43 5600k±200k Full-1/32s 1/800s-1/1200s 0.4-1.3s
LFLG-200II 200W 5W 50 5600k±200k Full-1/32s 1/800s-1/1200s 0.5-1.8s
LFLG-300II 300W 5W 60 5600k±200k Full-1/32s 1/800s-1/1200s 0.6-2.0s
LFLG-400II 400W 5W 70 5600k±200k Full-1/32s 1/800s-1/1200s 0.8-2.3s