150W to 400W Studio Light Indoor Flash Light

ITEM: LFLH-150-400II
FOTOWORX Studio Flash Lights with outstanding functions Strobe Lighting with Bowens Mount Flashes for Photography, Shooting, Wedding, Portrait, Fashion, Advertising, etc.
  • The streaming structure of overall appearance gains more aesthetic feeling. Polishing on the surface make the feels more comfortable.
  • Stable internal performance, CPU control and LED display, quick control and easy to use.
  • Housing surface is made of anti-static environmental protection rubber paint, to protect photographer's fingers, improve image of studio.
  • Innovative digital control panel, LED digital display. Ultra clear control panel improves the output accuracy.
  • Seamlessly combination the tube and pins is more durable. The soft-started function protects the photographer's eyes.
  • The output power control knob, 6 f-stop from 1/1 to 1/32 accurate control, 0.1 fine turning, 1% output precision.
  • The touch design of operation panel and the perfect combination of vision and use solve the problem of short life of ordinary buttons.
  • 5 main circuit boards, build-in 2.4Ghz radio receiver, 16 channels and 4 groups, fan pointing lamp directly makes the heat dissipation more effective.
  • The extension of the flash and anti-red-eye meet the demand of creation of photographer.
  • Microcomputer chip + perfect circuit design to ensure the simplicity of operation and the accuracy of input, won the practical professional certificate.
LFLH II | COB LED Studio Light Flash Light
Items Output Power LED Modeling Lamp Guide Number Color Temperature Output Control Range Flash Duration Recycling Time
LFLG-150II 150W 25W 43 5600k±200k Full-1/32s 1/800s-1/1200s 0.2~0.9s 
LFLG-200II 200W 25W 50 5600k±200k Full-1/32s 1/800s-1/1200s 0.2~0.9s 
LFLG-300II 300W 25W 60 5600k±200k Full-1/32s 1/800s-1/1200s 0.2~0.9s 
LFLG-400II 400W 25W 70 5600k±200k Full-1/32s 1/800s-1/1200s 0.2~0.9s