Video Tripod Head Fluid Drag Pan Head

HEADS: Pan Heads
With a Tripod head, it can securely hold your camera to the tripod to film or shoot at a different angle, with less rigidness, more flexibility. It can be attached directly to your Tripod/Monopod/Slider, providing additional focus, smoothness, and stability while you film. You can finally nail the shot you want simply by adding a tripod head.
  • 1. High Quality
    -The fluid head is made of all-metal precision machining, which is firm and stable. The fluid head mount's maximum load is 17.6 pounds/8kg.
  • 2. Easy To Adjust
    -The video fluid head can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally and the tilt range is 70°to -90°. The rotation is smooth and the lock is firm.
  • 3. Excellent Design
    -The detachable handle can be installed on the left or right side according to your needs. The safety lock protects your camera from accidents at all times and the built-in horizontal bubble helps to adjust the level.
  • 4. Widely Applicable
    -The fluid tripod head with the 1/4” and 3/8” screws on the top can be used to mount the camera and telescope. Bottom base diameter 60MM with 3/8 screw holes for mounting tripods, monopod.
  • 5. Security and Bubble level
    -Security locking knob can prevent equipment from falling off accidentally. The bubble level also allows for stable shooting and adaptation to different environments.
HHC-60 | Video Tripod Head Fluid Drag Pan Head 
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Bowl diameter: 60mm
Min Height: 10cm
Detachable handle: 28cm
Load capacity: 17.6lbs/8kg
Quick release plate:8.3x4cm
Package Include
x1 Ball head
x1 Packaged box