2.4x3m Photography Background Support Stand System

TRIPODS STAND: Background Stand
The Duty-heavy background frame support. It is easy to set up, disassemble and pack up quickly. Comes with instructions that are easy to follow and you can put up with one person. This Kit allows for a variety of height and width settings. You can adjust the height you like. This kit is professional lightweight support (work for light weight backdrops), aluminum alloy construction for durability, portability. The base is fully deployed, which makes the item to be more stable when you extend the top extension.
  • 1. The adjustable background frame can meet the needs of photographers as much as possible for the background size, suitable for all kinds of shooting.
  • 2. The background frame is made of high quality, light and comes with a carry bag for photographers to carry.
  • 3. This photography background support system can be hung with canvas, muslin, cotton, and paper. Used for a family gathering, wedding, as well as for professional photography or party.
FRMBG-A2430 | 2.4x3m Photography Background Support Stand System
Material: Aluminum Alloy 
Color: Matt Black
Dimension: 2.4H*3Wm
Tripod Stand diameter: 19-22-25mm
Crossbar diameter: 25mm
Foot diameter: 16mm
Net Weight: 3.5kg
Load capacity: 5-8kg
Package Includes
2 x tripod light stand
4 x crossbar
4 x background clip
2 x balance sang bag
1 x carry bag
Tripod Light Stand and Crossbar
Tripod Light Stand
Material: metal
Minimum height: 88cm
Maximum height: 240cm
Retractable can adjust the height of the bracket according to your needs and has a lock button to fix the height of the bracket.

Metal Crossbar
Material: metal
Maximum length: 300cm
It can adjust the number of crossbars according to their own needs. The maximum load of the crossbar is 3-5kg.

The top of the bracket has a 1/4 screw head for a variety of uses.
A knob on the tripod retracts and secures the tripod.
Background Clip and Sandbag
The background clip can effectively clamp the background cloth to prevent the background cloth from falling.
Reduce the wrinkles of the background fabric.

The sandbags for photography feel softer and each sandbag has double zippers and a kind of rubber lining to keep the sand or dust from escaping.
The heavy-duty sandbag zipper is more smooth, almost no jam occurs, and the photo sandbag workmanship is more meticulous and rigorous, made of 1680d polyester fabric, usually can be used for 5 years.
Sandbags are EMPTY. Can be filled with gravel, sand, rocks, or any other material to add weight.