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When To Use A Softbox For Photography

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Update time : 2022-04-22 11:46:39
Using softbox lighting is one of the essential techniques for getting your portraits or product photos to look professional.

A softbox is a light-filtering collapsible material box with an opaque screen. We provide a large selection of studio lighting for photographers and videographers at Fotoworx. our LED studio lights, Continuous lighting kits, and video lights are straightforward to set up and synchronize with your camera equipment.

Photography light Softbox with External White Diffuser Cover

For fashion or beauty, corporate headshots, parties and weddings, product photography, and video auctions, we provide the best softbox lighting sets. When you buy a Fotoworx softbox lighting kit, it comes with everything you need right out of the box.

Product shots should be sharp and bright, and you can light both your subject and the background with one softbox. Simply set your two softboxes on either side of the picture table, adjacent and inclined towards the product, for even light dispersion.

Portrait Photography
You can create a variety of portrait shots with three softboxes with a backdrop of your choice. Your main light should be placed high up, directly in line with the model's nose, for a traditional beauty shot. This will eliminate any shadows on either side of the subject's nose. To achieve a flattering look, place one softbox behind the model's chin to reduce shadows, the primary light on their side, and one above to ensure even lighting around their face. Your white background may appear grey in your photographs; this is because the softbox is illuminating your subject, not the background. The grey backdrop design is popular for business and other types of headshots since it is effective.

Online Videos
For generating high-quality films for your vlog, YouTube video, website marketing video, or tutorial, you'll need professional softbox studio lighting equipment. Use a set with a ring light that can be used as your primary light, and the two softboxes give even fill light from both sides, making it ideal for films. Unless you want a "surreal" effect, you should position your softboxes somewhat above and to the side of your subject. If you want a "surreal" appearance, you should tilt the lights toward your subject. If you're utilizing a ring light kit, keep the ring light close to your subject's face and not too far away. You can shoot straight through the ring light's center.
In many cosmetic shots, lighting is a major concern. You put a lot of effort into your work and want it to look great in photos. Make-up artists, hairstylists, and eyelash/brow technicians will benefit from a professional softbox studio lighting set. A ring light and two softboxes are included in the lighting systems indicated above for ideal, shadowless illumination. It's best if the ring light isn't too far away from your subject's face — a few feet is optimal.

Provide Light for group
Lighting a group of people (or pets) can be difficult since you want the light to be uniformly distributed. You won't be able to photograph them all with just one light, but if the gathering isn't too huge, you could use two softboxes, one in front and one on each side. If you're adept in Photoshop and image blending, you can also utilize some deception. Simply swivel your light so that it only illuminates one person at a time. Take a snapshot of that person, then move the light to the next person in line and repeat the process. In post-production, you can composite them to create a properly lit group shot.
Social media content
With a professional softbox studio lighting set, you can create wonderful social media content, especially by using skin-enhancing light.  You can use the ring light alone in front of your face, or combine it with the two softboxes on either side for a lighter, brighter look.
Live stream
A professional softbox light is required if you want to make amazing live streaming for Instagram or Facebook Live. The statistic shows that 67 percent of viewers believe that quality is the most essential thing for live video, thus you'll want excellent lighting to generate more interest from audiences.

65cm Spherical Softbox Photography Light

  • 1. High-quality material
    -Adopting professional soft light material-high density fabric, which is translucent, provides an excellent soft light effect.
  • 2. Perfect soft light
    -360 degrees of lighting create soft natural light.
    -Install the softbox on the lamp, the light will become uniform and soft, and it is not irritating to the eyes.
    -Its lighting is very natural, leaving no shadows, making the skin extremely delicate.
    -This is a perfect soft light adjuster accessory for photographic lighting.
  • 3.95mm Bowen mount
    -The softbox Bowen mount design, is compatible with many photographic strobes flashlights, speedlights, and moonlights.
  • 4. Quick assembly
    -Unique lantern style folding design, set up in seconds by pushing the stainless steel frame down into the diffuser and locking it into place. 
    -The softbox could be popped open or closed in merely a few seconds, ideal for a go and carry out. 
  • 5. Multi-application
    -Widely used in portrait photography, commercial and advertising photography, children photography, video shooting, microfilm shooting, etc.

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