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How To Choose The Best Softbox For Photography

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Update time : 2022-04-22 15:50:56
The objective of a softbox is to diffuse light to give your photographs a more natural look and feel. Translucent fabric is tied to a light source, usually a Speedlight or strobe, that rests on a stand in a softbox light. The inside cloth is normally white or silver, and it is wrapped around a framed box with a diffusion panel, which is enclosed by a black cloth on the outside.

Softboxes are used by filmmakers and photographers to diffuse and soften the light by expanding the size of a smaller, brighter source.
They also use a softbox to control the shape and direction of the light and generate a natural form and light.

The size and shape of the softbox you purchase will be determined by your objectives. However, keep in mind that while a larger one will generate very soft light, it will also require enough light output to fill the box.
In general, the softbox should be roughly the same size as your subject. An 18 to 24-inch box would work for portraits and headshots, and you'd want to double the higher end of that for full-body images. One or two rectangular softboxes 24 by 24 inches and a 20 by 27 inch should be enough in most scenarios.  two-box softbox lighting kits will cover most scenarios. Make sure the kits you buy have good rotatable supports and high-wattage bulbs.
Whether you work as a professional or a hobbyist, being able to pick up and move your gear adds to the experience. using portable equipment makes life considerably easier for the majority of individuals. If portability is important to you, our softbox lighting kits come with carrying cases and they are designed to be portable.

Fotoworx Mini Softbox is very easy to carry around and enhances your light effect remarkable for a close-up shot.

Portable Universal Mini Softbox Diffuser for Tabletop Lamps Photography

Tabletop lighting softbox Soften and reflects light while eliminating glare and hot spots. Creates even lighting and produces natural appealing pictures. Fit most of the tabletop studio photo shooting tent light cube diffusion softbox. Small lighting kit good for food photography, small product photography such as toys, baking, jewelry, etc still photos.

Quality of Light and Stand
Make sure your light source is constant, especially if you're taking video, but the quality of the light is even more crucial. Its brightness and ability to disperse throughout the desired area are crucial. Furthermore, it is not only about the light or the diffuser; the stand on which they are placed is also important. You want sturdy stands that won't wobble or break down over time. With adjustable heights ranging from 27 to 80 inches, a steady rotation is over 200 degrees.
Color and shape
Your softbox can be made in a variety of shapes. Rectangular softbox or square is the most popular, but octagonal is also used.
The shapes determine how the light is cast, although there isn't much of a difference. A rectangular light casts a long shadow, whereas a square cast a more balanced light. Although an octagonal kit is preferred for close-up human subjects, a basic kit with two rectangles or one square and rectangle will do for the majority of applications.
The higher reflectivity of a silver inner lining may appear specular and with greater contrast, whereas a white interior lining maintains the light neutral and soft.

Fotoworx 65cm Spherical Softbox Photography Light65cm Octagon Softbox Reflector Portable Umbrella

This softbox kit is versatile for studio works, portrait photography, commercial and advertising photography, children photography, video shooting, microfilm shooting, etc.
Attach the softbox to your light fixture, the light becomes soft and even, does not irritate eyes, features a shadowless effect, and makes the catchlight prominent. 


Fotoworx 50x70cm Studio Softbox

1. Light Weight for Portability, Easy to Assemble and Dissemble.
-Softbox photo lighting angle can be 270° adjustable lamp holder socket, compatible with any Light Stand Tripod.
-With silver film reflective fabric with nylon white screen, diffuse light and provide the soft light beam to eliminate shadows and take perfect pictures.
2. Standard E27 porcelain socket
-With a Standard E27 Photo Bulb porcelain Socket, high-temperature resistance, it is compatible with all 110–120V, E27 Light Bulb photography LED light bulbs.
-The softbox can produce soft and bright light, making your project shooting perfect.
-It is multi-used for portrait photography, fashion photography, children's photography, video shooting, live shots, and so on.

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