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What Makes A Good Camera Slider?

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Update time : 2022-10-21 16:55:30
The high-end film industry understood that a good moving shot typically outperforms a static one. They invest millions in cranes, dollies, and track equipment before again going through the motions of installing this massive equipment. Even if the shot just lasts a few seconds, all of this is done in the pursuit of fluid and accurate camera movement. They go through so many troubles for a good reason-quality!
You do not have to use a slider. But you usually find yourself wondering later how you film better without it, much like anything in your kit bag that makes a better shot.

Check Points 

Size and portable
You must consider your intended use before using it. You definitely want a relatively lighter one if you're hiking a mountain to film time-lapse with your DSLR. If you plan on doing a lot of Arri Alexa or URSA Mini shoots, picking robust and heavier equipment is better.
After you've determined the trade-off between the size and weight of the slider you're prepared to carry around and the expected size and weight of your payload, you can now think about any additional features that might be worth it.
A spinning, weighted wheel is known as a flywheel. If you don't think of yourself as having stable hands, it is especially helpful because it helps to smooth down the motion when you manually push your slider.
Quick setup/simplicity
As with all camera equipment, simplicity of use and quick setup should be key concerns. Consider how quick and simple it is to mount the slider on a surface or a tripod, then attach and detach your camera equipment from the slider as needed. If you've ever had folks waiting for you to get your act together while you search for the proper tools, you'll understand why it's beneficial to be as much to being toolless as necessary.
If the track is too long, you might find it difficult to transfer it or you might decide not to take it at all. If it's too short, you're simply left with the most basic tracking shots as options. The answer is an extended system that can be disassembled for transport but also ensures that you don't carry more tracks than you need. Be careful, though, to ensure that the track joins don't interfere with your slide's smoothness.

Top pick: Fotoworx Carbon Fiber Camera Slider for DSLR Camera Video Shooting
A video tripod with great fluid head borders on essential for filmmakers and aspiring video pros, but if you want to achieve true videography mastery you'll need a great camera slider or dolly. The sliders will help you create silky smooth tracking shots, to bring dynamism and impact to your videos. These long rails enable smooth maneuvering, so you can incorporate camera movements into your video with finesse.

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