400W Outdoor Studio Light High Speed Sync

FOTOWORX Studio Flash Lights with outstanding functions Strobe Lighting with Bowens Mount Flashes for Photography, Shooting, Wedding, Portrait, Fashion, Advertising, etc.
  • Strong and sturdy, Light and handy, great features, highlight outdoor shooting quality.
  • Adapt high-performance and user replaceable Lithium battery, 2.8s fast charging recycling system, 500 full power shoots per charge.
  • 400Ws flash output, GN70, enough power for on-location shoot. Whether shoot in bright sunshine or low-light environment, it allow you to get perfect image.
  • LFLB studio flash use advanced 13W LED modeling lamp. Its brightness is equal to 130W halogen lamp. You can adjust brightness of modeling lamp in 6 steps, and use it for evening shot and video shot.
  • When High Speed Sync function is activated, the maximum sync speed is up to 1/8000s. When photographers shoot outdoors in bright sun with wide open aperture, fast shutter speed can cut the ambient light, get amazing result as you want. With certain Canon camera, you can achieve sync speed to 1/8000th of a second. Note: The camera and transceiver should support HSS function.
  • Build-in Canon and Nikon TTL receiver function. It is ready for TTL communication with Canon or Nikon camera attached with WTT-02 TTL transmitter (WTT-02 transmitter has Canon and Nikon version respectively). When use studio flash is in TTL mode, photographer can realize proper exposure without adjusting aperture or shutter. Particularly, when shoot in scene where ambient light varies, or shoot for fast moving events, LFLB-400 TTL flash makes photography with more flexibility, freedom and efficiency.
  • When use studio flash under TTL mode, you can quickly set up exposure compensation through camera to adjust brightness of picture. Exposure compensation range is –3.0~+3.0EV, increase or reduce by precision 1/3EV. 
  • When use studio flash in manual mode, you can set up flash output power via user interface on the unit, or adjust power of studio flash by transmitter (model no. WTT-01 or WTT-02). Locking WTT-02 transmitter on camera, you can also set up flash output power directly via user interface on camera. Flash output power is adjustable from full to 1/128 (8 f-stops), increase or reduce by precision 1/3EV.
  • In Multi mode, studio flash release a rapid sequence of shots, can shooting motion trajectory by one shutter, and clearly catch object moving track.
  • Adapts 2.4G wireless remote trigger system, has eight independent channels and 30 wireless radio ID. Under every channel, you can divide units in three groups (A,B,C). Work in both ETTL and Manual. This is ideal for working with multiply lighting setups. You can set up studio flashes in different channel and group, and use WTT-01 or WTT-02 transmitter to control output power of every set of studio flash.
  • Large LCD display gives very legible readout of all the setting values.、
  • Fan cooled, ensure studio flash works for long time. 
  • Recycling ready beep, low battery warning. Recycling beep can be turn off.
  • Overheating/Overvoltage/Overcurrent/ flash charging protection, ensure studio flash best performance.
  • Support firmware upgrade
LFLB-400 | 400W Outdoor Studio Flash Light High Speed Strobe Light 
Output Power: 400W
Modeling Lamp: 13W
Guide Number:  68 
Battery capacity:12V,6000mAh
Recycling time at full output power: 2.8s
Output Control Range: 1/128~1/1
Flash Duration: 1/650~1/10000s
Built in 2.4GHz receive system
USB micro connector for firmware upgrades
Compatible with WTT-02 transmitter (not inlcuded)
Sync Mode: High sync speed (up to 1/8000s), first curtain sync, second curtain sync. Support Canon, Nikon, Sony TTL 
Dimension: 27*17*19 (without reflector)
Net weight: 1.85kg
Content Include
x1 Studio Flash Light