Photography Backdrop Matte PVC Background

Professional Collapsible Multi Light Reflector. A Must For Studio Or Outdoor Photography! Great for headshots, YouTube and Instagram videos, product photography, live streaming, professional headshots, and interviews.
  • 1. Anti Wrinkle
    -High-quality PVC material to anti-wrinkle. The PVC background kit will be rolled up for delivery. It is normal for creases to occur after receiving, please hanging to be restored. Soak it into hot water for a while if it is hard to unfold. Hot water will soften the PVC material. Or please take some heavy things like the book to press it to keep flat.
  • 2. Waterproof
    -Waterproof PVC material, just dry it with a towel if you spill the water on it accidentally.
  • 3. Anti Dirty
    -Clean any stain and dust with a wet towel easily.
  • 4. Anti Reflective
    -Both sides PVC matte vinyl to anti-reflective, create an instant photo studio effect for photography or video.
  • 5. Create your amazing photography
    -Choose a fabulous backdrop to take beautiful flat photos for your food, cosmetics, flowers, jewelry, clothing, workspace, etc. Choosing different colors of the background will help you to provide a theme, showcase awesome items you own.
BGCA-C | Photography Backdrop Matte PVC Background
Material: PVC
8 Colors: White, Black, Gray, Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow
Package Includes

8 colors PVC background kit
Dimension Available
24x51inch / 60x130cm
28x55inch / 70x140cm
39x79inch / 100x200cm
47x47inch / 120x120cm
59x79inch / 150x200cm