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Auto Face-Tracking Holder The Most Popular Photography Accessories

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Author : Fotoworx
Update time : 2022-06-14 17:40:25
One of the most popular industries now is the online video and entertainment industry. With the rapid development of the Internet, major short video platforms have also become popular, thus resulting in a lot of online entertainment channels. And many people love the video industry, and they have also begun to share their shooting tutorials, most of which are about shooting hardware. Today we are showing you one of the best tools you can use with your smartphone camera to produce high-quality video effortlessly.

The auto face-tracking phone holder is your best assistant to film for you, which is a game-changing idea! What this item can do is incredible.
 It has a built-in high-definition camera and AI smart chip, which can automatically recognize faces and actively follow when filming so that the characters are always kept in the middle of the screen.

AI smart chip, which supports intelligent 360° panoramic follow-up to track the character or target. Wherever you go, it will follow. When moving, the gimbal will respond immediately, and it is easy to achieve 360° rotation and hover at any angle, which is very convenient to operate and film from different angles. Besides, using this device is a great solution to avoid ant handshake and camera shake during your filming. It does not need to install any app when using it, so it can be used whether it is a mobile phone holder or an action camera device, and the response is also very quick.


Fotoworx Tripod head auto face tracking 360-degree rotation phone holder

This face-tracking phone holder uses an artificial intelligence (AI) computing system to recognize and track your face or body, rotating 360° steadily with your movement. Allow your hands to be free for video calls or live streaming. The 360°clamp rotation and 315°neck can be adjusted at numerous angles and can choose between horizontal and vertical camera modes. The tracking tripod's 105°field of view angle and 42°rotation speed per second ensure that the tracking tripod can track your movement and keep you in focus at all times.

1/4" interface is standard. The bottom of the smart tracking holder has a normal 1/4" screw thread, allowing it to be mounted on a tripod and adjusted in angle and height.
The accompanying phone holder stretches from 2 to 4 inches in width to securely grip any cell phone.
A rechargeable 1800mAh battery and a USB charging connector are included inside the smart tracking phone holder. It can last up to 6-8 hours after being fully charged. When charging, the red charging indication illuminates; when charging is complete, the red charging indicator turns off.
Modes of Creativity
Fotoworx's settings will cover you whether you want a particular focus on your pet or are organizing independent pre-wedding photography. A cinematographer can't be better with a specific model that captures all of your needs with focus.
Artificial Intelligence Composition

What a combination of intelligence and creativity! It mixes portrait composition and size estimate with powerful AI technology to make your shot intelligent and professional.

Fotoworx Smart Shooting Gimbal 360 degree Rotation Smart Face Auto Tracking Head

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