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5 Tips for using ring lights in photography

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Update time : 2022-03-17 14:58:56

A ring light is a utility tool for most  photographer to enhance their overall quality of images and works.

It is a piece of unique lighting equipment with a circular shape that evenly illuminates the subject of a close-up photograph. 


The main use of ring light is to evenly lit the subject’s face with a soft and gentle light, hence enhancing the quality of photographer’s works.

In recent years, ring lights became increasingly popular as a kind of photography accessory.

Led ring lights are used increasingly for selfie and live podcast, and some of the ring light kits comes with tripod and cell phone holders.  


18 inch/46cm Interface Dimmable Selfie Ring Light with 3 Phone Holder Cold Shoe

5 Tips to use ring lights to make your photos and films stand out:

1.For macro photography:

Using a ring light to produces perfectly balanced lighting that is evenly distributed on every side of the model or object that the photographer wants to focus on.

Placing a ring light in the front of a camera provides consistent lighting in each new shot for the photographer.

Use of ring light enable users to create high-quality images or videos without overspend money on cameras, so it is a very nice tool for both working professionals and beginners too.

2.For video production:

Videographers often use ring lights in their lighting setup. A ring light is helpful when you’re filming a person whose head needs move around a lot.

A ring light will keep the model always remaining in the light.
To create a dramatic theme, photographers and videographers can use ring lights as the only light source for a photoshoot or commercial videos, the circular lights creates an attractive halo shadow that beautifully outlines the filming subject.

A ring light is often used in addition with softboxes or sidelights to maximize the effect of filming.


3.For highly detailed close-ups:

Ring lights are the best lighting tool for close-up photography and videography projects like makeup tutorials.

Ring lights are excellent for emphasizing details of the subject when filming.

The circular design allows users to use their cameras in between the hole of the ring light which is helpful for cameras to enhance specific details of the shoot.

As most ring lights can produce a daylight color rating of 54000k which is a perfect light source for makeup application especially on an overcast day or when natural light is not available.

This makes ring lights particularly useful for makeup artists.


4.For smartphone selfies:

For selfies, the ring light effect helps you achieve consistent lighting with a relatively simple lighting setup.

The will certainly bring out the maximum effect on facial features, and improve overall quality of your selfies.

Try to use a beauty ring light when you take your selfies!


5.Generating Colour Effects

Using ring lights to generate the colour effect allows the user to create multiple effect, hence versified their themes or visual quality of their works.

Fotoworx ring lights comes with different coloured light options and scene modes, which allows users to easily create colour effects by simply switching the regular white bulbs to different colour mode lights.

LRC-46CTH | 18 inch/46cm RGB Ring Light with Three Phone Holder Cold Shoe Interface

Fotoworx RGB ring lights all come with H=high-quality built-in LED bulbs that is optimal and ideal for iPhone Camera Vlog, live streaming, YouTube, Facebook, Live stream, TikTok, Zoom Meeting, video conference, portrait photography. Let's create beautiful scenes and photos with this incredibaly utility lighting equipment.
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